Garden weddings – what you need to know…

By Joseph M Dragicevich

Garden weddings are more popular then ever before, they offer certain benefits over a more traditional venue. However it is important to identify the pitfalls associated with garden weddings to make sure that your special day doesn’t get ruined!

So what are the benefits of a garden wedding?

1. You can have the reception, ceremony and photos all at the same venue. Guests hate having to wait around and move between venues.

2. They can be very beautiful, flowers and plants fantastically complement a wedding adding a great natural theme.

3. Depending on where you live and what season you decide you want to get married in, it can be great to having a wedding outside in the sun instead of a stuffy building.

4. Less time and money spent on decorations.

Deciding on a garden wedding venue can be a great choice, just take into consideration these following points.

1. Make sure that the venue has adequate accessibility.  If you’re the bride you don’t want to be walking in high heels and a long train dress for too long! Also consider any elderly guests that would find it difficult to walk any considerable distance. Also consider facilities like power (for music, lighting etc) and toilets.

2. When choosing a garden wedding venue make sure that there is a backup plan in the case of rain.  Select a venue that offers a marquee or similar structure in case of rain.

3. Depending on what sort of garden wedding venue you decide upon you will want to find out when plants are in flower. For example at our garden wedding venue in Auckland, March is the month where most of our tropical species flower (southern hemisphere).

4. Check with the owners of the venue if you will need to pay additional costs for things like marquees, cutlery, chairs and tables or if it is included with the venue hire.

5. Take into consideration where the sun will be when during the ceremony and speech’s, you don’t want your guests squinting and the video footage and photos of your special day being over exposed.

6. Check for pollinating trees such as pine, they can stain material and make the wedding unpleasant for your guests (especially asthmatics and people with hay fever!)

7. It may be possible to have a priest (or any other religious minister) present at your garden wedding just make sure you ask in advance if you would like some religious presence.

If you have your own beautiful garden (or a friends or families) that you would like to use for your wedding make sure you factor in all the potential costs of hiring equipment. Often it can add up to more then you would first imagine with the costs of a marquee, chairs, tables, cutlery, glasses, toilets and other equipment.

If you are thinking about having a wedding at a public garden just take into consideration issues such as parking for guests and members of the public walking through your wedding.

Well there you have it, garden weddings can be a great alternative to a traditional wedding as long as you get your planing right.

All the best for your special day, just try and relax and enjoy your special moment!

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